The Royal College of Physicians refuse to engage.

Today the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee published their response from the Royal College of Physicians on our Thyroid and Adrenal petition, PE01463. It was really quite shocking in it’s complete refusal to engage and yet I don’t know why I am shocked.

Sir Richard Thompson, president of the RCP says “We do not intend to respond to the petition. This is because we have already responded over a period of time in England, and produced our official response.”

What an attitude to take. An official response given in 2011 which raised more questions than it answered and in England! Aren’t we the lucky ones in Scotland?

PE1463_T Royal College of Physicians 11.09.13 (1)


4 comments on “The Royal College of Physicians refuse to engage.

  1. Clutter says:

    What an arrogant, dismissive & disrespectful response from RCP to Mr. Howlett.

    I’d like to rip out Sir Richard Thompson’s thyroid with a rusty spoon & condemn him to a half life on T⁴.

    Guess I may need to relocate to bonny Scotland if your parliament take a more enlightened view.

    • It certainly was incredibly disrespectful Clutter, not only to the millions of under treated or undiagnosed sufferers but also to the Scottish Parliament and nation. We have our own separate health service here and always have. That the RCP have spoken to England should suffice for us Highlanders is rank ignorance. We shall see what October 1st brings but the RCP are not winning themselves any ‘patient centered care’ awards. I quote the RCP Edinburgh

      ““if we are serious about driving up standards it is clear there is a need to give patients a louder, more systematised voice which would tell us what we need to know about our performance at the institutional level before it started to seriously fail”; and
      “we believe the NHS has lost its focus, that now is the time for the NHS to re-commit to the central importance of high quality care, and to foster a culture in which the delivery of this care is placed above all else. Nothing less than this is required to give patients the care and respect which they need to receive and we need to deliver.”

      Let’s hope the good folk of RCP Edinburgh put their money where their mouth is.

  2. truth42 says:

    Diabolical response. Next step may have to be class action against the NHS?

  3. I am seriously coming around to that idea truth42. Already scoped the issue out with a lawyer. Will see what Tuesday’s meeting at Parliament brings then act.

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