Manufacturing Diabetes

PharmaWatch Canada

Manufacturing Diabetes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)One of the things that drives me crazy is how the drug industry, instead of manufacturing useful medicines for existing diseases, manufactures diseases or epidemics and then the drugs to treat them. This is exactly backwards, but it is something that is happening more and more frequently.

One example is “pre-diabetes.” Canadians are being bombarded with dire warnings about the skyrocketing number of people with diabetes – an “economic tsunami” according to the pharma-friendly Canadian Diabetes Association. The term pre-diabetes is not new — in the early postwar years many thought that women who gave birth to “large babies” were likely to develop Type 2 diabetes later in life, and they were described as being pre-diabetic (and, in line with sexist medical thinking, irresponsible as well). By the mid-1960s the association between pregnancy and pre-diabetes seems to have morphed into a diagnosis of gestational diabetes among pregnant…

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