Dilemma: Doubt over thyroxine prescription | Feature | Pulse Today

Dilemma: Doubt over thyroxine prescription | Feature | Pulse Today.


Dilemma: Doubt over thyroxine prescription

29 October 2013

A newly registered patient asks you to renew her prescription for thyroxine, but you notice it was started without a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. What do you do?


The late Dr David Lewis and Thyroid UK were asked to write for this article. They duly did. Time was against Dr Lewis yet still he gave this his all, as he did with everything that interested him. Pulse instead chose to publish this travesty instead. You can join free to comment. I did.

This unscientific clap trap reflects badly on you Pulse. The evidence exists that TSH is not ‘exquisitely sensitve’ at all. Lack of T3 testing is the very obvious problem and when medicine is called to answer for this negligence, as it surely will be, one would hope it has a robust defense for this blatant disregard for science.
The Scottish Parliament are investigating this issue as I type and Scotland is known for medical advancement so do keep up. http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/GettingInvolved/Petitions/PE01463

  • Lorraine Cleaver | 01 November 2013 7:38pmDr David Lewis died shortly after writing his piece for you Pulse. In life, he was a leader, innovator and one of the most humane doctors this country has ever employed. In death, he remains inspirational and leaves the alive box tickers truly in the shadows. When you all catch up on how to actually treat illness, a separate thing from medicating symptoms, you will see that Dr Lewis was right all along, about thyroid and B12 diagnosis and treatment.

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