Heroes Not Zombies

Remember the big swine flu scare? Where governments threw around Tamiflu by the bucket load? This antiviral which had never been shown to successfully treat or prevent swine flu was stockpiled by the government (apparently at  cost of about one pound for EVERY 200 pounds spent on the entire NHS in England and Wales in 2009!) and “prescribed” in the UK after telephone tick box consultations.

I was astonished at the time that so many millions and millions of pounds were spent on this drug. I don’t remember such mass, thoughtless prescribing before the Tamiflu debacle. It struck me as horrendously irresponsible of the authorities. Most of it, I thought would just be pee’d down the toilet without doing any good.

Well it’s an even more disturbing story than I knew at the time. A new piece of research reveals that the amount of Tamiflu in the toilet water which…

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