Data, algorithm, drug (part 2)

Heroes Not Zombies

(Part 1)

I was taught that bad medical practice was to prescribe a pill for every ill.

I especially remember sessions where we had to reflect on our use of the prescribing pad, asking ourselves exactly why we were choosing to prescribe at all, not just why we chose a particular drug.

That teaching may be long since gone. Prescribing rates grow exponentially. I read the other day about the number of prescription drugs found in waste water in cities, and how around 70% of adult Americans now take at least one prescription drug every day.

I wonder why that is. Why are more and more people being prescribed more and more drugs? Are we, as a species, becoming sicker and sicker? Is it because the drug companies “don’t sell drugs. They sell lies about drugs“? Is it because of the distortion of “evidence” by drug…

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