Coffee Hydrates as Well as Water, Study Says


Researchers in England have reassuring news for coffee lovers worried that their daily dose of java may leave them dehydrated: a few cups of joe count the same toward a person’s fluid needs as an equal amount of water.

The belief that caffeinated drinks such as coffee could cause dehydration is based on a 1928 study that demonstrated caffeine’s diuretic effect. Since then, only 2 studies have tried to show whether evidence exists to support that belief. Results were mixed, so investigators at the University of Birmingham in England devised new research to compare whether drinking coffee affected hydration differently than water consumption.

“Our research aimed to establish if regular coffee consumption, under normal living conditions, is detrimental to the drinker’s hydration status,” lead author Sophie Killer, a doctoral researcher, said in a statement. The study was published online today in the journal PLOS ONE.

Killer and her colleagues…

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