Too Much Information

Seeing it from our GP’s perspective. It’s a minefield of information, not all of it helpful. Thyroid info especially!

Grassroots GP

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE“T.M.I” my teenage daughter chants when I tell her something that for one reason or another she cannot cope with. I think there is a real danger that all of us are suffering from Too Much Information, or information overload as I usually call it. The BMJ recently used the phrase in connection with the long lists of side effects included in drug packaging. In the psychology of decision making it is linked to the concept of bounded rationality, whereby we are all limited by our personal mental resources in the amount of information we can assimilate in order to reach a decision.

As clinicians we are continually bombarded by directives and guidelines, many of which conflict with each other, especially when applied to the commonplace scenario of the patient with more than one problem. In addition there is there is a stream of new research findings and the continuing…

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