Tick box medicine that fails hypothyroid patients

Thankfully the Scottish Parliament are listening to our petition @scotparl
Great article thank you!

 Body of Evidence

There’s a story of mine in the Daily Mail today) about an illogical and arbitrary corner of medicine. It involves over 300,000 women who are unable to get an effective treatment for a nasty range of symptoms, linked to having low thyroid hormone, unless they can persuade a doctor to ignore the official guidelines drawn up by several Royal Societies and other official endocrinology bodies.

The fascination of the story for me was that the more I delved into the details, the more ridiculous and perverse this odd medical cul-de-sac seemed; a place wherethe patients’ voice was ignored and doctors seemed to operate in a climate of fear. Have a look at the feature to pick up on the basic story before reading this post, which adds a few details that fill it out.

As the article explains, the refusal to listen to patients begins with their first visit to…

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One comment on “Tick box medicine that fails hypothyroid patients

  1. jilly green says:

    There are many examples of experts being proved to be wrong and this may well fall into that category.

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