The day I took my son ‘without consent’

World of Wad

Ashya King (5) has been found with his parents in southern Spain. He’s safe, but unwell, with a brain tumour that was previously treated at Southampton General Hospital. His parents took him out of hospital on Thursday, apparently against medical advice.

He was not taken ‘without consent’ as was claimed by Hampshire Constabulary and widely reported by mainstream print and broadcast media. Without a court order, hospitals have no legal authority to give or deny consent to parents or legal guardians taking a child away.

Ashya King Ashya King (Handout from Hampshire Police)

Ashya is seriously ill. He needs pain relief, ongoing feeding by a special machine, and urgent treatment for his tumour. It is understandable – and welcome – that our authorities should take an interest in his welfare. But the people with primary responsibility for his care are his parents, not the State. The intervention of the State is…

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