Shame and the shrinking Goldilocks Zone


Jonny Tomlinson’s post on Doctors, patients and shame was the piece of writing that led me to engage with health care professionals on Twitter. It opened my eyes to the human side of being a doctor, and to the possibility that the struggle I had in coming to terms with being a patient with long term conditions wasn’t a freakish weakness but a common experience which – gasp! – some people working in health care wanted to understand too.

Not that my shame vanished. At times it is still exquisite. Each admission seems to add a little to the pile and it rarely goes back to the previous baseline. The baseline creeps forward.

The Goldilocks Zone – between the shame of ‘not enough’ and the shame of ‘too much’

My long term conditions – diabetes, addison’s, brittle asthma – each require a degree of self-management. They are a particularly tangled combination…

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