8 things we’ve “learned” since the No vote

Told you so…

A Thousand Flowers

Sometimes being right is the very worst thing.  Saying “I told you so” can be incredibly satisfying if someone else has just made a mess of something despite your sage advice but when it’s you who gets screwed over, it’s cold comfort to have been bleating on about it.

In the wake of the No vote, politicians, the media and even the monarch have been keen to suddenly tell us things we’ve all been saying for fucking ages.  If the message last week was, “if you don’t know, vote No” this week has been more like, “you voted no, now you know.”  So without further ado, here’s a handy list of the things which we have “learned” since dependence day.

1. The oil will last for ages

Oil being a key battleground during the campaign, with the No side insisting there was hardly any, it wouldn’t last long and would…

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