Be Your Own Advocate

The wisest of words. We live by our own hand with thyroid disease because medicine is failing us, no question.

Warrior Butterfly Britney

I talk to a lot of people in my own thyroid support group and in several others where I am a member or Admin. We get several people in there a week in a panic because their doctor gave them incomplete information, or worse, told them something that scared them to death without taking the time to point them in the direction of information that would help them.

For instance, we had someone join the group recently. They were just told that they had thyroid disease. That was all their doctor had told them. They came to the group scared that they was going to die. “Am I going to die?” was literally the first question asked when joined. So we talked to them, found out where their thyroid levels were (slightly hypothyroid) and what treatment the doctor had prescribed for them (thyroid replacement medicine) and were able to give them more detailed information than what they were given…

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