Acid suppressing PPI drugs: not so safe (updated)

 Body of Evidence

If you take these drugs which cut your stomach acid by around 90%, you might want to look at the piece wrote earlier in the week for the  Daily Mail about the serious side effects they can cause. In the short-term they do of course bring almost instant and blessed relief from the really nasty pain of heartburn and because more and more people are reporting heartburn (obesity makes it more likely) they are now among the most commonly prescribed drugs.

The conventional medical attitude is that their side-effects are relatively mild and reversible and since the drugs are now off-patent, the price has plummeted so they are often given out on a prophylactic basis. But the emergence of a range of nasty side effects with long-term use described in the article – such as dangerously low levels of magnesium, raised risk of infection with the super-bug C.difficile, weaker bones and…

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