Treating Thyroid patients like children

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Here is an imagined, but not far off the truth, conversation between a doctor and a patient.

‘Why can’t I have T3 doctor? I feel so much better when I do?’

‘Because I say so, now go away.’

Nowadays doctors, at least when they are in training, are repeatedly told that they must NEVER be paternalistic. To do so will result in immediate censure. In the UK it is also a very rapid way of failing the GP entrance exams. We are told that we must explore the patients’ expectations, listen to their worries and fears, and work with them in partnership to lead to a therapeutic partnership…. or some such left wing bollocks. [Joke]

How exactly that fits within the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines is up for grabs. For those who don’t know, NICE decide on which drugs and interventions can be prescribed, or…

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2 comments on “Treating Thyroid patients like children

  1. Ashley brown says:

    Well you change the system. I will be looking for a cure! Good luck on your galloping adventure! 🙂 I am sure the system will benefit you someday and that you will become a very good healthy woman and have a less bitter and negative outlook in life and on other people from the past. You will be living better and feeling better about yourself and well deserved and above everyone else and a fantastic advertisement for high horses galloping across the land. Seeing this woman riding through the foggy mist creating blurry smoke screens to the masses that she is the leader and champion of the thyroid community to get better treatment but inside she is drenched in bitterness and a cold numb broken unfulfilled heart to which her rainbow will then begin shine very strongly and brightly after the dust settles down. Her very beautiful colours will shine on the people and her wonderful altruistic manner will send out signals that will make you question as to what she really stands for! She will bring out the cleaver and she will slam you down if she doesn’t get what she expects and wants but as more and more question will she receive a back lash and viewed as badly neglected slammed down unicorn or will she be like a black beauty strolling through the mud and making neigh mare mistakes and become the chief night mare to the witch doctors? Only then will people see what is going to happen next with almighty lowreinge Cleever! All my greetings to you from creative expressive writer Ashley of Paisley 🙂 a creative writer!

    • Have you left Paisley for Berkshire Ashley? 😉

      I’m not the champion of any community, I’m challenging for my own health. If others are helped, great. What’s your story and how are you making things better?

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