Debunking Tough Love and the Mind-Body Connection

My god but I can relate to that girlscoutuk. More power to you. Never, ever let anyone, medical or otherwise, deny your reality. Brava.

Why I Left AA (UK)

Tough love bird

It’s three and a half years since my thyroid was surgically removed (21st December 2011) after a long and arduous journey to get my symptoms taken seriously.  I’m doing much better now, but I still mourn the loss of my thyroid every day.  Being ill in AA and NOT getting the support I needed was one of the complex, complicated factors in me leaving.  I was SICK TO DEATH (almost literally) of the new age idea that has much traction in AA that my physical illness was somehow a ‘manifestation’ of my inner world, of my emotions, of my ‘spiritual condition’.

By the end I was barely polite to dewy eyed AA members who waffled on about the ‘mind-body connection’ and said really helpful things like, ‘isn’t it interesting that you’ve managed to manifest an autoimmune disease, where you are quite literally attacking yourself??’

Wow! Thanks for sharing.  Isn’t it?…

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