New Year, New way of living #LiveLAGOM

As part of a sustainability project IKEA are running, I’m starting the New Year as I mean to go on, wasting less and being mindful of what I need and don’t need in my life. That of course means fewer expensive visits to Endocrinologists but also learning to use what I already have.


As a full time Thyroid Advocate, I work from home, a large college conversion with very high ceilings, at least fifteen foot high. My habit has been to work from the desk in the living room, but heating the entire house. Pretty wasteful I know, so in preparation for the project, I sealed the sash windows to prevent draughts and sectioned off the desk area with an Armoire and will use a large wool rug to keep that area cosy. The rest of the house doesn’t need to be heated while I use that one room so the radiators will be turned down elsewhere.


The forty six (yes indeed, forty six) lights around the flat will be replaced with LED bulbs in an effort to save energy. Of course, not lighting every room will go some way to reducing energy costs. I often wonder when I picked up that habit, lighting lamps everywhere even in day time. Maybe the dull Scottish gloom is part of it, or it could be tied to the years I was ill and pretty much terrified of my own shadow. Thanks to solving the thyroid riddle and moving to decent natural thyroid hormone, that’s a thing of the past and so the new lighting I’ve chosen will negate the need for multiple lamps being lit. The lights are going off!

Food waste will be cut, with leftovers and batch cooking being preserved or frozen in IKEA containers. Packaging is already at a minimum as I buy from local shops and take my own bags, keeping wrapping down. Looking forward to growing my own herbs on the window sill too, although it would be great to have a garden and we are looking to move in the spring so I can life the Good Life planting my own herbs, vegetable and maybe even some fruit.

A move will also mean less dependence on my car for the school run. My son will be able to walk to and from his new school. All these short trips add up on emissions! The cat will become an outdoor cat so the cat litter will be a thing of the past, I hope! As will the products to clean the litter tray, no one’s favourite job. Should also mean less reliance on the tumble drier, at least on the days it doesn’t rain, with clothes being dried outside.

Even so, until we move, the changes I’ve made will see my energy usage cut drastically and food wastage improved with small tweaks and better planning. It has echoes of my journey to health. The more pharmaceutical drugs I consumed, the worst my health became. Less is definitely more. Here’s to a sustainable and healthy 2016. #LiveLAGOM





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