#LiveLagom, a few months later…

So, there have been some changes for the better chez Cleaver.


After the fabulous five hundred pounds, courtesy of IKEA’s #LiveLagom was spent, I was keen to get started making some real changes to how we lived day to day. The first job to tackle was the great light bulb changeover. Our entire home was house to some 57 bulbs and they all had to be removed and replaced with energy saving LED light bulbs. Some of the fittings weren’t up to the challenge and had to be replaced. Who said progress is easy? A worthwhile job though, as our energy consumption has fallen already, just by a comparison with our previous three monthly electricity bill and today’s! I like.


Next up, to put the new storage jars and food tubs to good use. I was guilty of cooking (and wasting) too much food before. Now, a subtle change has occurred, right from the moment I order online. I can see with ease what I have in the cupboard more easily and so don’t over-order and waste. Cooking just enough for our family of three means less waste, but if there is leftover food, it goes in the food storage tubs and my husband makes short work of it for lunch the following day. I previously had to bin a lot of flour as the packets, once opened,  spoiled due to air. Not any more! These are small changes that make such a difference.

One of the main issues I had was keeping the place warm, our ceilings are incredibly high. This flat used to be a college, it’s an old building and draughty. So, a new Gaser High Pile rug made all the difference to the space we spend our evenings. I had intended to use it at my work space, beneath the desk. This was no longer necessary after we draft proofed the windows. Why oh why did we not do this nine years ago? I think one of the best ‘take homes’ from this experience is that a little effort can yield a lot of results, you just need to get on and do it! A rug in my son’s bedroom by his computer desk meant he no longer moaned about cold feet. Looks snug too.

And my favourite addition? The three enormous Nymo Light Shades in my living room. I just adore these. Huge but not at all out of place in such a large room. I admit to having something of a lighting fetish previously and, no matter the day outside, would have seven lamps lit in the living room alone, all day, every day. Now when I’m working, it’s easy to use one of these Nymos as overhead task lighting and the glow is soft enough to avoid glare.

I’ve learned though, just the act of thinking more about how we use things has had a profound affect on me. So much so, I leave the car and walk most places now – less fuel, I’m getting fitter and spending more time in the park with my family. What’s not to love about living with just enough?





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