Anonymous statement by a Nurse in the NHS about Covid19 etc.

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People in the NHS can’t speak out about what is going off, therefore we have to allow them to do this behind a firewall.  Here goes.

I’m ( …. ) and I’m a nurse.

I’ve been in nursing for 26 years and before that I worked in care homes.

I chose this career because I genuinely wanted to care for people.

Sadly though, I no longer have my heart in a system I have given a large part of my life to

Because our modern healthcare system is not about health.


This INDUSTRY and the pHARMaceutical companies are heavily invested in illness NOT health.

Medicating with toxins, NOT curing.

To cure a patient is to lose a customer.

Its history is based on indoctrination and estranging us from health and naturopathy, demonising natural health, silencing and ridiculing natural health practitioners and its advocates, all to maximise…

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