What causes heart disease part XXIII

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

As 2016 draws to an end, I believe that a change is in the air. The dietary guidelines, or perhaps I should call them the ‘dietary misguidedlines’, are under a sustained attack. This, finally, may actually result in success. We will be able move on from believing that fat, or saturated fat, in the diet is responsible for cardiovascular disease or, indeed, any form of disease.

But where to then? The current dogma is that saturated fat in the diet raises cholesterol levels and this, in turn, leads to cardiovascular disease. However, as many of you may have spotted earlier this year, in the Minnesota Coronary Experiment (MCE), substituting saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat was effective at lowering cholesterol levels. However, it had absolutely no effect on deaths for heart disease, and greatly increased the overall risk of death.

The summary of this trial was, as follows:

  • It involved 9423 women…

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Brexit – Getting Out – How EU Law Prohibits a “Stitch-Up” of the UK – UK Citizens Have Rights Post Brexit – and Could Sue for Illegal EU Brexit Acts – Even After Brexit

If anyone thinks the UK will be at the mercy of the 27 remaining EU Member States in negotiations over and in reaching a final agreement over the UK’s exit from the EU then they may have to r…

Source: Brexit – Getting Out – How EU Law Prohibits a “Stitch-Up” of the UK – UK Citizens Have Rights Post Brexit – and Could Sue for Illegal EU Brexit Acts – Even After Brexit

Loving Life the #LiveLagom way


final 2

And so we come to the end of a new experience for me. Living with just enough, in a more sustainable way has been an eye opener for sure. I began this project back in December in all honesty terrified that I’d fall at the first hurdle and return to my wasteful ways. Pleased to report that didn’t happen and I’m on board fully with making full use of what I have, cutting waste and looking at things in a new way. The changes I’ve made have been fairly subtle in many ways but I feel are all the more sustainable for that. My biggest commitment was having the large windows draught proofed which, along with the LED lighting, has seen my monthly bills halved, saving over £200 a quarter!! But I have to say, it was the smaller changes that really got a hold of me, things like growing herbs and plants and recycling my hoard of beauty products which went to a local charity along with around four hundred books and clothes and bric-a-brac. There’s something very freeing about holding on to fewer objects. You let go then suddenly realise they were holding on to you and probably holding you in the past.


final 12


The cookery books now come out of the bookcase and are actually being used. The products on my bathroom shelf are the ones I need and love for everyday and not some far off ‘rainy day’. final 11

I’ve rediscovered time for me by hanging new blinds and covering an old IKEA armchair, last used when I was doing the night feeds twelve years ago. It’s my reading nook and I just adore my space to think.final 6final 7

My living space is sectioned off into areas to work, play piano and relax and the lighting, rugs, new curtains and general de-clutter have made it a good place to be. So before…final 15

And now…

final 17



Some changes were more difficult to make of course. Changing light bulbs in older fittings was a pain, breakages and cursing featured heavily. The rechargeable batteries, whilst a fabulous idea, initially were treated like old style by my son and put in the bin when out of power, very annoying and wasteful. Some of the storage jars had lids too flimsy for my liking and my attempts at growing Pak Choi were a disaster. Percy Thrower I aint. Even the windowsill herbs wilted and left the building after a few weeks. But the massive changes are that I save power and therefore cash, think before I buy,  recycle more, walk more, drive less and feel happier for it! As a rule, I like to hang on to things and letting go has been a revelation. Some things I couldn’t bring myself to part with. My old prints were re-framed and re-arranged and please me each time I look at them.final 8

My biggest take home from #LiveLagom? That I can make these changes with just a little effort and it pays back ten fold. Just enough is more than enough for all of us it seems.